To our Educators who go above and beyond


To the educators who go above and beyond for our children at the school – the men and women who spend hours doing prep for class, for spending late nights marking, going the extra mile by developing talent in the classroom, on the sports field and stage, often giving up their precious time with their families to do this.

The men and women who are so often more than just a teacher, but rather the person who is a confidant, a caregiver and a shoulder to cry on; thank you for ALL that you do! You are the reason KHS. is the success it is!

2 thoughts on “To our Educators who go above and beyond”

  1. Greetings from the Eastern Cape. As a boarder and part of the Class of 1970, I would like to endorse this post. Over the years of my children’s education (they are now 35 and 32), I have developed the greatest of respect for teachers. To my mind, this remains one of the single most important vocations that there are on offer to the extent that I adopted a slogan many years ago which I found on a fridge magnet in Bathurst. “To teach is to touch a life forever”. It immediately struck a chord with me. Sadly, the author remains anonymous. Relevant to these sentiments is that I often wonder if this respect emanates from my time at KHS. I suspect it was as the teachers, during my five years there, continue to touch my life in the most extraordinary way. Keep up the good work. Yours sincerely, Vicki Sanan (née Barnes) P.S. I spent a happy couple of hours on campus this past Tuesday but will write to Mr Bailey separately.

  2. It is not clear to me whether my earlier rather lengthy endorsement of the above was posted. Please confirm. Many thanks and kind regards, Vicki Sanan (née Barnes, Class of 1970)

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